Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliner - ECLIPSE

I got this liquid pearl eyeliner as a prize from Mr&Ms Shopaholic Collezione's  giveaway contest.

Thank you Miss. Gorgeous Cathy!

Description from beauty uk's website:
 A unique collection of glimmering, pearlescent liquid liners that dry with a pearl like opalescence. Liquid Liners can be worn alone, or smudged together to give you unlimited options.                           

                                                          (please excuse my eyebrows! lol)

It was delivered yesterday and i was excited to try it. Eclipse is a nice shade, reminds me of a nail polish. It is bluish black, very glittery and when first coat is applied it is not that dark and thick but when a second coat is applied its really gorgeous.  This liner doesnt smudge and is a bit hard to remove. It has a good color payoff, thats what i like most about it. The only thing i dont like about this liner is that it takes a long time to dry.

(with nyx milk jumbo pencil underneath)

(i also tried it all over my lid! see how nice!)

(used 3 coatings on my lids.. and to kill time before taking a bath, i played with my makeup!)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CRYSTAL Korean Contact Lenses-Pearl Violet & Aquamarine Blue


✓ Lens Case ✓ Instruction Manual✓ Pocket Size All in One Solution

(Me and my big dolly eyes!)

(with flash)

I am loving this contact lens. I wore it for 5 times already (Pearl Violet). The color is really seen and this is the only big eye contact lens that feels comfortable and didnt hurt my eyes compared to the other big eye contact lens brands that ive tried which is really hard and painful when used. This is one of the most affordable big eye contact lenses today and so far became one of my favorite contact lenses especially if you wanna achieve that doll look along with eye make up and fake lashes. These lenses make my eyes pop and sparkle whenever im wearing this. I will also make a review for the aquamarine series in blue. 

Eyecon Circle Lens in Gray

This lens is a gift from my beautiful aunt. I feel to blog about it because its one hella impressive lens and really made my eyes look Bigger. This circle lens feels a bit painful on the first time i used it but when i got used in putting it it already felt comfortable. The application of it is just a bit hard coz its really huge and turned out to be nice in photos. The color she gave me is in gray. This lens is a high quality lens, intense color lens (in person, but didnt turned out to be in photos) and good paired with eyelashes and eyemakeup because if this alone and no makeup on one will look like an alien. (for real, just sayin my opinion. I dont find it nice when girls use big circle lens with no makeup on!)

Wet & Wild Color Icon Liner & Maybelline - Magnum Volum Express Waterproof Mascara

 Maybelline - Magnum Volum Express Waterproof Mascara 
in blackest black

This maskara is amazing and works wonders. It really makes my lashes thick and long. It dries fast and it stays the the whole day even after taking a bath so in this maskara you really need oil or makeup remover. A really good volumizer.  

(i used three coats and VIOLA!)

Wet & Wild Color Icon Liner 

Wet & Wild Color Icon Liner in charcoal

Only cost a 99.00 php as i can recall. Very creamy when applied and very pigmented, really black. This liner is hella long but doesnt  last long.  It smudges and not waterproof. I tried wearing it once when i went out on a hot sunny day and i hated it it smudged and game me racoon eyes. I will never purchase this liner again. Nichido liners are even better than this one. Personally i dont like this liner. 

Expressions Color Contact Lenses

This is is so far the best contact lens brand ive ever tried . I have tried freshlook( and i used to sell them too) and used it for years, freshkon, and tru colors but this one is better than them and really different. This looks good on pictures as well as in person. These are 1 year lenses and good thing i got it on sale for buy 1 take one for 1400php in an optical in Robinsons Galleria, i just forgot the name of the optical. The colors i got: hazel, light blue, and 2 pairs of gray. 

(Expressions in Hazel )


Milani Pressed Powder

MILANI PRESSED POWDER (in natural beige)

I really have no plans of buying this but since its on sale i decided to get it.  I chose the shade natural beige and its the second lightest shade they have. This is the first time i purchased powder online so i am not sure if its the perfect shade for me. When i got it i was impressed by the packaging and the compact itself.The packaging is neat, and the compact very slim. I tried it without any liquid foundation or concealer on and it works great,giving me this dewy fresh like finish and the shade that i got just matches by skin tone. This reminds me of  Cover girl's clean pressed powder. I will definitely buy this powder again. I bought this from the gorgeous Miss Melanie. Shes really nice and responds quickly. When i payed this though bdo, the next day it was delivered right away.

ELF Contouring blush and bronzing powder

 The bronzer is very pigmented although its a bit dark for my skintone but i  like it . From the day i bought it , i started using this for my contouring my nose, cheeks and extra face chubs. It just find it very shimmery. especially the blush. The blush may be a little light for my skintone but it gives you this  glow on your cheeks and i also tried using it as an eyehadow which works great on my chinky eyes.  Repurchase: No. 



Ordered it from the beautiful Miss lyka - Lykas Makeuphaul

I am a lover of pale, pastel lipsticks. These lipsticks have great coverage. i love their colors because they are bright and very pigmented. They are more on satin finish than matte, and smells minty (also tastes like it!) and has this cooling effect on lips.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks

Three of my favorite shades. These lippies are truly pigmented , has a huge color selection and be aware of that fact that its has a nice color payoff. You just need to apply a good lipbalm underneath. It will not look good on dry lips because it will tend to enhance the dryness and show lines.  The only thing i dont like about this lipstick is that it is a bit hard to apply.

Contouring and Highlighting

 I really like how Kim's Face is contoured.

The bronzer that should be use must be slightly darker than your skin tone. Matte is better than a shimmer one but both works. The only difference is shimmer one might look more fake than the matte one. 

Things you need:  A bronzer one shade darker than your skintone, Angled blush brush, highlighter brush and  highlighter (should only use a little of it on areas which needs highlighting or else you will look shiny instead of achieving that highlighted glow. 

On the hollow of my cheeks (i do a fishface so that it will be easier for me to locate it), I apply bronzer with my brush on a diagonal pattern towards down my mouth and i blend a bit of it to lessen the harsh line. Then also on the sides of my nose ( i am addicted to noselining). I also put bronzer on into my temples and under my chin (to help lessen my extra chubs lol). Then i put blush on top of my contoured cheeks then dab a little amount of highlighter on my forehead (middle part) until the middle of my eyebrows following the middle of my noseline, my cupids bow, on the top of my blush( just a little!), sides of my mouth brush diagonally under my countoured cheek line and under my mouth (chin area).

I also love Tyra banks' dramatic countour.

Multi-dimensional Hair

This is the first time i tried multi dimensional hair color and the hair colorist is super nice and very talkative so i didnt get bored coz this was done for 3 hours. First the base color was applied which is light brown then bleached it for some parts to become blonde then the red color was applied on the left side. Then also had treatment after. (had it done April 2012)*I still dont know if im going to maintain it or change my hair color after a month into blonde or dark brown.