Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Contouring and Highlighting

 I really like how Kim's Face is contoured.

The bronzer that should be use must be slightly darker than your skin tone. Matte is better than a shimmer one but both works. The only difference is shimmer one might look more fake than the matte one. 

Things you need:  A bronzer one shade darker than your skintone, Angled blush brush, highlighter brush and  highlighter (should only use a little of it on areas which needs highlighting or else you will look shiny instead of achieving that highlighted glow. 

On the hollow of my cheeks (i do a fishface so that it will be easier for me to locate it), I apply bronzer with my brush on a diagonal pattern towards down my mouth and i blend a bit of it to lessen the harsh line. Then also on the sides of my nose ( i am addicted to noselining). I also put bronzer on into my temples and under my chin (to help lessen my extra chubs lol). Then i put blush on top of my contoured cheeks then dab a little amount of highlighter on my forehead (middle part) until the middle of my eyebrows following the middle of my noseline, my cupids bow, on the top of my blush( just a little!), sides of my mouth brush diagonally under my countoured cheek line and under my mouth (chin area).

I also love Tyra banks' dramatic countour.

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