Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CRYSTAL Korean Contact Lenses-Pearl Violet & Aquamarine Blue


✓ Lens Case ✓ Instruction Manual✓ Pocket Size All in One Solution

(Me and my big dolly eyes!)

(with flash)

I am loving this contact lens. I wore it for 5 times already (Pearl Violet). The color is really seen and this is the only big eye contact lens that feels comfortable and didnt hurt my eyes compared to the other big eye contact lens brands that ive tried which is really hard and painful when used. This is one of the most affordable big eye contact lenses today and so far became one of my favorite contact lenses especially if you wanna achieve that doll look along with eye make up and fake lashes. These lenses make my eyes pop and sparkle whenever im wearing this. I will also make a review for the aquamarine series in blue. 


  1. never tried contact lenses, but this seems nice :)

  2. try mo miss hazel :) i followed you on tumblr :)

  3. Yeah its blue. I just love blue in lenses. I also have blue colored lenses and it looks so pretty on me. I like your one too,, those are looking amazing :)