Friday, September 21, 2012

EOS Lipbalm Sphere - Summer fruit


Why? Because i was feeling down the other day and when i applied/used it i suddenly felt a bit high, it kinda lifted my mood. I guess its coz of the scent and taste. 

(in Summer fruit)

Scent & taste reminds me of Chupa Chups'  fantasy ball spice girls edition (Yummy lol). 
It is the one with free spice girls stickers. I used to collect those stickers when i was in gradeschool, times where in i save a part of my allowance so i can buy boxes of it because in a box the stickers is not complete and most of it is the same.  

I find it a bit waxy (which is a good thing and thats what im looking for in a lipbalm) and glides on very smoothly. Say hello to moisturized kissable lips. A long lasting lipbalm and currently one of my latest obsessions.

The packaging is so cute and  unique.

Over all the quality, the scent, the packaging, and the texture is fantastic.

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