Thursday, September 13, 2012

Excel Paris

(no lipbalm)

(with lipbalm underneath)

Excel lipcream has a paint like texture and it smells a bit like it too. Its super matte and fast drying. Long lasting and hard to remove. This product will not go well on dry lips because it will really show lines therefore lip balm must be applied before putting this on. Waterproof. Looks really good on photos. 
Wanna try it?
Check out Miss Gorgeous Reginas online store CHIC COSMETICS!



  1. I love how you did your brows and that orange-y lipstick is to die for!

  2. I just ordered 6 of this and I immediately regretted it! All 5 shades were shades of pink and they look almost identical! tsk.. The only one I erally liked was 512, which was the bright orange one.

  3. i noticed that too.. pinks were almost the same... do u have 510 sis? i really want that shade but i cant find a shop who has 510 parating out of stock.