Saturday, September 1, 2012


I was with my sister and my aunt when we checked out these lashes at landmark. My aunt is the one who told me that there are nice lashes at landmark. She gave me these lashes and eyelash glue (last year april) but the first time i tried these lashes was went my mom bought me some when she went to landmark but she got me those natural looking lashes ( yeah yeah my mom always wants the natural no makeup look foundation, eyeliner & lipstick style compared to my makeup style.). The lashes felt comfortable and its very affordable, for the price and quality wise you can never go wrong  although the eyelash glue is not that good but it works i think the glue costs 99.00php. But when i went back to landmark to get some more lashes i didnt get the glue anymore because i want a long lasting nice eyelash glue.

Those lashes on top ive used them once, and the last lashes on the lower part ive used it twice. 

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